The Arizona Cotton Ginners Association was organized in 1956 to unite the their customers and government agencies.Over the past 50 years the cotton industry has seen incredible advances in technology and the way the industry does business. Muchof the advance has been due to the forward approach the Arizona Cotton Ginners Association has taken over that time.The leadership of the association is a who’s who of individuals who have led the advance of progress nationwide. Many of Arizona’sleaders have gone on to lead the National Cotton Ginners Association and have had a place in determining the future of America’scotton market.


It is the purpose of the Arizona Cotton Ginners Association to serve the common business interests of the people involved in and served by the cotton operations in Arizona.

Accomplished by

Encouraging and promoting the civic, commercial and business interests of its members and others related to the cotton industry by common interest.

Acting as a unifying force in the Arizona ginning industry, encouraging and promoting cooperation among gins, customers and government agencies.

Addressing and promoting safety issues in the workplace.

Serving as a vehicle for combining the resources of the Arizona cotton gins to more effectively address shared issues and problems.

Conducting and promoting instructive efforts directed at members of the industry, customers and the general public.

Coordinating activities of Arizona cotton gins involved in the national issues addressed by the National Cotton Ginners Associations.

Acquiring and disseminating scientific, technical, economic and educational information of value to the industry.

Promoting good faith, integrity and fair business principals in the trade activities of its members.



Gene Seale – President            

Melissa Campbell – Vice President    

David Hardin – Secretary           

Nathan Goldman – Treasurer