This purpose is accomplished by:

Encouraging and promoting the civic, commercial and
business interests of its members and others related to the
cotton industry by common interest.

Acting as a unifying force in the Arizona ginning industry,
encouraging and promoting cooperation among gins,
customers and government agencies.

Addressing and promoting safety issues in the workplace.

Serving as a vehicle for combining the resources of the
Arizona cotton gins to more effectively address shared issues
and problems.

Conducting and promoting instructive efforts directed at
members of the industry, customers and the general public.

Coordinating activities of Arizona cotton gins involved in the
national issues addressed by the National Cotton Ginners

Acquiring and disseminating scientific, technical, economic
and educational information of value to the industry.

Promoting good faith, integrity and fair business principals in
the trade activities of its members.
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Arizona Cotton Ginners Association
Glenbar Gin, Pima, AZ
Yellow  Gin, Stanfield, AZ
MIssion Statement

It is the purpose of the Arizona Cotton Ginners
Association to serve the common business
interests of the people involved in and served
by the cotton operations in Arizona.
Join us in Flagstaff for
The Annual Arizona Cotton Industry Meeting
Thursday, June 23 - Friday, June 24
at the Little America Hotel

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